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Our free jewelry offer on this site is for U.S. customers only.

There is no catch or gimmick, and unlike other so-called "free" offers, there is no sign up; or any type of complex requirement.

Our offer of free jewelry on this website extends to U.S. customers exclusively. While the jewelry itself is complimentary, there is a nominal shipping and handling fee to cover the cost of materials, shipping, and employee labor.

Rest assured, there are no hidden catches or gimmicks associated with our offer. Unlike other purported "free" promotions, there's no need for sign-ups or navigating through complex requirements.

Our objective with these free offers is straightforward: to introduce customers to the exceptional quality of our jewelry firsthand.

It's important to note that we are not a marketing company, and we hold your privacy in high regard. Your personal information, including names and any other details, are not sold or shared with any third parties.